Review of Camlin Trendy Klick 0.7 mm Pen Pencil

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016

I have been using Camlin Nouvel 0.5 mm mechanical pencil for quite some time. It has a slim body made of steel and a nice grip. I have used it for sketching and sometimes for writing. But Camlin Nouvel is more of a compass pencil for the students and meant for geometrical drawings. Its 0.5 mm lead is just too thin and hence it is not a good pencil to use for writing. While writing with it, I have found that the lead breaks too often although I write with a very light hand applying very little pressure. Camlin Nouvel  is a good pencil for sketching but not so if you use your pencil mainly for scribbling.


Recently I have got another mechanical pencil of the same brand which seems to be a better choice if you need a mechanical pencil that writes well. It is Camlin Trendy Klick 0.7 mm pen pencil and comes in five bright colours. Camlin calls it the ‘stylish fun writing pencil’. The word ‘fun’ obviously indicates that it is meant to be a kids stationery and very young students are the target group here. Unlike Camlin Nouvel, Trendy Klick is made of plastic but it has a very nice rubber grip for comfortable writing. Its 0.7 mm lead is thin enough for fine writing and the lead would not snap unless you write a very heavy hand and put a lot of pressure on the pencil tip while writing.

pencil sketch of a man's face

Sketching (Collins 30-Minute Painting)

I have also used Camlin Exam 2.0 mm mechanical pencil which has a considerably thick lead and is perfect for school children. But Camlin Exam 2.0 mm pencil needs sharpening after writing a page or two. The advantage of Camlin Trendy Klick 0.7 mm pen pencil is that its lead is not so thick that it would need sharpening and yet it is strong enough so as not to break easily and thin enough to write a fine line.

pen and wash drawing

Camlin Trendy Klick 0.7 mm pen pencil would be a nice addition to your desk if you are a writer and love mechanical pencils. The pencil has a built-in eraser and comes in a plastic pouch. To use the pencil, press the cap a few times to get the desired length of lead. To refill leads, the cap and the eraser needs to be removed and you can then insert up to two leads into the empty barrel before replacing the eraser and the cap.


Camlin Trendy Klick 0.7 mm pen pencil costs only Rs. 10.00 but unlike other mechanical pencils of the Camlin brand, it does not come with free leads. So it is better to buy spare lead refills with it. The price of a small container of eight 0.7 mm Camlin Hi-Par leads is Rs. 5.00 only. Thus, for a cost of Rs. 15.00 only, you get to enjoy a month or more of trouble-free writing. I highly recommended Camlin Trendy Klick 0.7 mm pen pencil for both students and adults. After all, Camlin Trendy Klick 0.7 mm pen pencil is a very inexpensive writing instrument and when you replace your wooden pencil with it, you save trees!

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Review: Camlin Nouvel 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil

Posted by on Sep 20, 2015

pencil portraitThe slim and elegant Camlin Nouvel 0.5 mm mechanical pencil is a retractable lead-holder. This automatic pencil is made of steel and plastic and its scratch-proof body is designed to preserve its good looks for a long time. The clip and the body is made of metal while the grip, the section where the clip is attached and the tip of the eraser cap is made of plastic of the same colour. The pencil has a nice feel but too thin for holding comfortably for a long time even though Camlin Nouvel has a contoured grip that is designed for comfortable holding and writing. The pencil’s tip is made of metal and is sturdy enough to last long.

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Camlin Nouvel 0.5 mm will be a perfect fit for the geometry compass of school children and designed to draw perfect arches and lines. This click pencil consistently produces lines of constant width. Because of the precise marks this pencil can produce without any need of sharpening, it will be a better replacement of the wooden pencil in your child’s geometry box.

pencil sketchThis Camlin Nouvel 0.5 mm clutch pencil can also be used as a drawing pencil although the lead is thin and if you put pressure on it, the lead will break. Due to the relative fragility of its 0.5 mm lead and its small diameter, the pencil doesn’t appear to be suitable for writing. Every time I tried to put a ‘full stop’ or ‘period’ after a sentence, the lead will break.

However, I have often used Camlin Nouvel for drawing a quick sketch and I used this pencil to draw all the sketches on this page. But the lead is HB grade and for darker shades, you’ll need pencils with softer lead.

Camlin Nouvel 0.5 mm mechanical pencil is inexpensive and can be bought for Rs. 25. It also comes with a small plastic container carrying free leads. A tube of 10 spare leads costs Rs. 5. The pencil can be a faithful friend when you need to draw a precise line and can be a useful addition to your desk.

pencil portraitcamlin-nouvel

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