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Posted by on Jul 4, 2014

I was first introduced to this “original skin care soap” by my father during one sweltering Indian summer way back in the 70’s. In those days the soap was produced in india by Parke Davis, once the world’s largest drug manufacturer. Although the proprietary trademark is still owned by Parke Davis & Company LLC, USA, Neko soap is now marketed in India by Pfizer Limited. All my life I have sweated a lot in the summer and this soap has kept me relatively free from that itching skin which is hard to avoid in the heat and humidity of the summer months in Calcutta. And I see no end to this increasing warmth of this old city!
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Neko Germicidal Soap

The light blue, mildly-scented Neko soap comes in a decent cardboard box inside which the soap is wrapped in a printed cellophane packet. The printed literature on the box will advise you to “keep your skin clean and healthy by using Neko regularly”. It also proclaims that
• NEKO helps reduce body odour
• NEKO is an effective hand and body scrub

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Neko is the original germicidal soap prescribed by skin specialists. It contains T.C.C. (Trichlorocarbanilide, which is a powerful germicide) that not only kills most of the germs but also ensures that the germs do not grow again for up to six hours. Hence Neko soap is extremely effective for minor skin infections like pimples, acnes, skin rashes and boils.

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You can also wash and disinfect minor skin injuries with this soap. Neko contains 76% TFM and so it is a Grade 1 soap like Dove and Pears. It is very mild on skin and is priced at just Rs 33. Its germicidal action also makes Neko the ideal soap for home hygiene.

Neko Germicidal Soap

If you don’t get it in your local kirana shop, try your luck at the chemist’s or click on the link above to buy it from Amazon. You’ll surely find it there. No more itching!

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Neko Soap

Neko Soap

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