Clear Demonstrator Pen Combo Set – the best deal in town

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015


The Clear Demonstrator is a distinctive genre of fountain pens. These pens were once used by pen dealers to “demonstrate” the features of upcoming fountain pen models to potential customers. Also called Skeleton pens, these were especially useful in providing the future owner of the pen an opportunity to observe the filling mechanism, the feed and the nib as well as other components inside a fountain pen. These pens also have an aesthetic appeal especially useful in helping a novice pen user to graduate into the domain of experienced pen lovers. The transparent barrel helps you to observe the ink level. The colour of ink under the barrel changes under different shades and amount of light and the ink within happily sloshes around. Thus, the Clear Demonstrator Fountain pens have a special appeal especially to newbies in the world of fountain pens.

Lamy Vista Demonstrator Fountain Pen

As such I accepted ASA Pens Combo Offer of FIVE Indian clear demonstrator fountain pens for the very reasonable sum of Rs. 460 plus postage with much glee. According to the seller these are the best-selling eyedropper demonstrator fountain pens made by Indian manufacturers. The pens are Oliver Ideal, Fellowship 505TR, Wality 67T, Serwex 77TR and Doctor Deluxe. All the pens are fitted with standard fine nibs of golden colour.

Doctor Deluxe

These are medium-sized pens, the smallest being Fellowship 505TR measuring just above 5 inches while the largest Doctor Deluxe measures about 5½ inches. All the pens have transparent barrels but whereas with Oliver, Fellowship and Serwex the barrels are clear, the barrel of the Wality pen has swirls and that of Doctor has straight grid-like lines. The Serwex 77TR has a beautiful transparent rounded end while Oliver Ideal has a long bottom cap of the same colour as the cap of the pen. Two of these pens, Oliver Ideal and Fellowship 505TR has golden clips and trims while the rest three have chrome or steel clips. Four of these pens have colourful caps (single colour or mottled) with the sole exception of Fellowship 505TR which has a transparent acrylic cap.

For a price of less than what you would pay for a single decent fountain pen, ASA Pens offers you five fine demonstrator pens, each having its distinctive colour, design, character, class and variety. I found the Doctor Deluxe the most suitable for long and uninterrupted writing without any fatigue. Its larger size would fit the hand perfectly. I found the Serwex 77TR as having the smoothest nib of all the five although it has the most undistinguished appearance. In my opinion Oliver Ideal is the most beautiful of these pens and the Wality 67T is charming with its green mottled cap and exquisitely-designed barrel.

Serwex 77TR

The pens came decently and securely packed and on opening the package I found the pens in a plastic pouch. The proprietor of ASA Pens, Mr Subramaniam is very prompt in confirming orders and shipping them, so you can never complain of his service. As I opened the plastic pouch, I found a plastic dropper, a nice little device that I haven’t seen for a long time. Since all the five are eyedropper pens, the dropper would come in handy while filling the fountain pens.

The demonstrator pens often create stunning visuals as you fill them with ink of different colours. With the colours of the cap and the colour of ink in their transparent barrels, these pens would surely be a splendid addition to your writing desk. ASA Pens has offered a fantastic deal and you should accept the offer as long as it remains open. Highly recommended.

Oliver Ideal

Fellowship 505TR

Wality 67T

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A Short Review of Gama Forever Fountain Pen

Posted by on Sep 19, 2014

In Chapter 15 of Charles Dickens’s Nicholas Nickleby, Fanny Squeers, the ill-tempered daughter of the violent headmaster of Dotheboys Halls writes a letter in which she gives a hilariously exaggerated account to Nicholas’s uncle of her father’s beating by his ‘nevew’. Fanny writes, “Sir, My pa requests me to write to you, the doctors considering it doubtful whether he will ever recuvver the use of his legs which prevents his holding a pen.”
gamma forever review

Gama Fountain Pens

Today when I received my Gama Forever fountain pen from ASAPENS, I remembered that letter and the Victorian novelist made me smile with his comic wit and verve as I was opening the package. But I can assure you that you won’t need the “use of your legs” to write with this fabulous fountain pen.

Gama Forever Fountain Pen

Gama Forever Fountain Pen

Mr L. Subramaniam, the proprietor of the online shop ASA PENS, is a very conscientious and kind gentleman who wrote to me twice to confirm my order and the subsequent shipping of the pen. Gama pens are manufactured by Chennai based Gem & Co and ASA PENS makes them available to you online. Indeed fountain pen enthusiasts can browse their site for a wide array of Indian-made fountain pens.

The Pen & The Pouch

The Pen & The Pouch

The pen came in a beautiful blue velvet pouch with the name Gama written on it. The Gama Forever is a strong, sturdy and large pen of medium weight that will hold a lot of ink. The material is a beautiful green and black mottled ebonite. When capped the pen is almost 15 cm long. It appears to have very good balance. It won’t tire your hand over a long session of writing. The brand name Gama is engraved on the side of the barrel. The engraving is beautiful and very well done.
Gama Forever_3

The two tone steel nib marked ‘Iridium Point Germany’ is fine which is to my liking. It writes smoothly and the ink flows well. This will be an almost zero-maintenance fountain pen for me and it is destined to be a work horse. The Cap carries a springy classic ball-end clip held by a top crown and a gold-plated dual band.
Gama Forever_4
The Black top & bottom buttons give the pen an excellent dual tone look. If you are looking for a no-nonsense long session writer that won’t fatigue your hand, then this Gamma Forever would be a very decent choice for you.

line and wash bengalitranslator.net/oddsandends/

Pen and Wash Drawing

Gama Fountain Pens

One word of caution though. This pen has a rather wet nib with a heavy flow that writes a very dark, nice line. While such a line looks great, it may take a little longer to dry. For such wet writers we need good quality paper. On ordinary paper, since the pen’s flow is high, it may blob or leak. If you plan to use ordinary paper, Chinese pens like Hero or Wing Sung perform better. Here’s a sample of my writing with the Gama Forever fountain pen:

Sample writing-Gama Forever fountain pen

Have you used Gama pens? Narrate your experience below using the Comments feature.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

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