Review: Uni-ball SA-R Ballpoint Pen

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017

Being a fountain pen enthusiast, I never had much enthusiasm for trying out any other writing instruments. Being a man of austere habits (read a miser), I do not want to spend a fortune on the pens, inks, refills or paper I use.

Now, good writing paper is expensive and, as a professional translator, I do write a lot. The most inexpensive paper is newsprint or paper of similar quality. Who can think of writing with a fountain pen on such cheap paper? If you try, you will get feathering and blotting and, at the most, you can use only one side of the paper for writing and the other side will be unusable due to blotting.


When I use cheap paper for making my drafts, I have two alternatives: either to use a mechanical pencil with B or 2B grade darker lead or an inexpensive ballpoint pen. I prefer the mechanical pencils, Uni-ball’s Shalaku or Kuru Toga are my favourite pencils, but at times, I do use a ball pen. Recently, I discovered that the entire range of Uni-ball’s writing instruments is available online in India! Uni-ball is a brand name of pens and pencils and other stationery products manufactured by Japan’s more-than-a-century-old Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

The cheapest ballpoint pen available on uniball.in is the SA-R pen that costs only Rs. 15. I have seen it in colleges and offices in the past and it seems to be an old favourite of many. The barrel of the pen is made of transparent recycled plastic. The two ends of the transparent barrel and the cap are made of plastic too and have the same colour as the ink of the pen. The barrel has ridged grip for support. It has the words ‘uni-ball SA-R Mitsubishi Pencil Co.’ embossed on it.


The Uni-ball SA-R ballpoint pen writes smoothly. It produces a uniform and fine line unlike the cheaper varieties of ballpoint pens and never skips. It shows no smudging and if you write with this pen, your handwriting will appear immaculate indeed.


Writing Sample of Uni-Ball SA-R Ball Pen

The Uni SA-R refills come in three ink colours: Blue, Black and Red and each refill costs Rs. 10. The tip of the refill has a 0.7 mm tungsten carbide ball which perhaps explains why it writes so smoothly. I am sure that these refills will serve you for longer and write more than most ordinary refills and thus offer value for money. The ink never gets dry. If you buy your refills in bulk from Uniball.in, you can even enjoy volume discounts. Both the pen and the refill come in plastic pouches.

If you are looking for a good ballpoint pen that writes a fine line and never skips and will not make a dent in your pocket, Uni-ball SA-R ballpoint pens appear to be a fine choice. Highly recommended!


This is a spontaneously written review. I have bought the pens at my personal expense from uniball.in and am not compensated for writing this review.

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