Obesity is caused by Diet, not Lack of Exercise

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015

It is the kind of food and the quantity of it that can keep you perpetually overweight or obese. Indeed, it is bad diet rather than lack of exercise that causes obesity. So your weight gain has no relation with your sedentary habits or your inability to spend an hour a day on the treadmill.

Of course frequent physical exercise can help you to maintain good health and can reduce the risk of developing ailments ranging from cardiovascular problems to dementia but exercise plays no role in keeping you lean and thin.

obesity linked to diet not lack of exercise

Since the blame for your expanding waistline lies squarely on what you eat, here are the diet rules that would help you to lose weight and maintain healthy body weight:
• Do not eat food cooked outside your home;
• Prepare lightly-cooked meals at home and limit the quantity of oil you use;
• Avoid sugar and all food items that contain sugar;
• Eat four fist-sized portions of safe carbohydrate a day. These include rice, potato, sweet potato, plantain and taro;
• Avoid all grains including wheat and wheat products;
• Eat some fish or eggs or meat and yoghurt every day;
• There is no restriction on the quantity of vegetables and fruits you can eat but it is imperative to limit the quantity of sugary fruits like mango.
• Drink plenty of plain water throughout the day. Begin your day with a few glasses of lukewarm water. You may add a few drops of lemon to your glasses if you like.
• Do not use refined vegetable oils for cooking. Replace them with olive or coconut oil or unrefined mustard oil.

Anyone strictly following this diet will start losing weight in a week without feeling hungry and will derive immense health benefits in the long run.

[This post is written by way of guidance only and is not intended to replace professional advice.]

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