Uses and Benefits of Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan)

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014

Haritaki or Chebulic Myrobalan (Terminalia cebula) is a common plant in India. In Ayurveda, Haritaki is said to be the mother of all herbs for its many health benefits. The Haritaki tree can be about 30 metres high. The fruit of the tree is usually harvested between November and March. The fruit has a slightly bitter, astringent taste and has many medicinal properties.

  • The tannin present in the fruit helps in detoxification. It is also used as a laxative. It cures constipation, purifies the digestive system and helps in eliminating the harmful substances produced from metabolism. A small piece of dry Haritaki can be kept in the mouth after meals.Scan10836
    Organic Triphala

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    Some of the uses and benefits of Haritaki or Chebulic Myrobalan:
  • The gallic acid present in Haritaki kills the E. Coli bacteria in the intestine. It prevents stomach infection, kills worms and boosts the activities of the liver and the spleen.
  • The chebulic and neo-chebulic acid present in the fruits of Haritaki plant act as anti-oxidants. It prevents toxicity of the liver caused as a side-effect of some medicines.
Fruits of the Haritaki Plant

Fruits of the Haritaki Plant

    • The chebulic acid increases the production of insulin from the pancreas and thus lowers blood sugar. This is why Haritaki is used for the treatment of diabetes.
    • A 10% solution of Haritaki can be used as a mouth wash.
    • Haritaki prevents the increase of H. Pylori bacteria in the intestine.
    • Haritaki is an effective anti-oxidant and eliminates harmful free radicals from the body.

pen-and-wash-sketch-landscapeOrganic Haritaki

    • Haritaki increases the strength of the heart muscles and is effective in preventing the accumulation of fat in the coronary artery. It also plays a role in keeping blood pressure under control.
    • For those with enlarged livers, there is an increased risk of contracting hepatitis and jaundice. For such people regular consumption of Haritaki would decrease the risk of such infections.


    • Haritaki is helpful for tackling obesity. It cleanses the stomach, aids in the digestion, assimilation and metabolism of food in the stomach and increases the metabolic rate of the body. Haritaki thus helps in increasing the energy expenditure of the body. By boosting the secretion of bile, Haritaki helps in the mobilization of the stored fat in the body. It also keeps the appetite under control. For those who have successfully reduced their weight by diet and exercise, consumption of Haritaki helps them to keep to their ideal weight.
    • Haritaki helps in the production and elimination of urine from the body. Thus, it helps in reducing the risk of urinary tract infection.
    • Regular consumption of Haritaki or Chebulic Myrobalan will help in the reduction of skin problems.  Grounded Haritaki, when applied over skin, will help in the cure of acne, sunburns, rashes, eczema etc.

Pen & Water colour sketch of a Haritaki tree

Haritaki Powder


Haritaki is not recommended for those who are allergic to the fruit as well as for women during pregnancies.

Do you have experience of using this wonderful fruit? Please use the Comments section below to let us know.

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Review: Daytone’s Havana Brown Fountain Pen Ink

Posted by on Oct 1, 2016

The other day, while searching for fountain pen inks at amazon.in, I came upon Daytone fountain pen inks manufactured by The Daylight Industries of Indore. I discovered that the company is producing fountain pen inks of fifteen different shades and one could order a box containing 60 ml bottles of each of the different colours. I checked the colours and felt I may not use all the different colours, certainly not for writing. I ordered a litre (two 500 ml bottles) of Daytone Dark Grey ink which I have already reviewed in one of my earlier posts.

daytone havana brown ink bottles

After using Daytone Dark Grey ink and being satisfied with the quality of the ink, I wanted to explore more. I liked the light brown shade of Havana Brown and again ordered for two 500 ml bottles of Daytone Havana Brown ink. I received a well-packed cardboard box containing the plastic ink bottles today. I have written the draft of this review in longhand using Havana Brown ink in my Gama Forever fountain pen I bought from ASA Pens some time ago.

daytone havana brown ink sample writing

Daytone’s Havana Brown is a light and very pleasing shade of brown and it flows reasonably well in my pen. However, I would recommend a pen with a wet nib for using this ink, for in a relatively dry nib, the lightness of this ink may affect legibility. I have noticed no feathering or blotting and like Daytone’s Dark Grey ink, Havana Brown is water-resistant. Even after holding the paper under running water for a couple of minutes, the writing remains quite legible. I should mention, however, that Daytone’s Havana Brown ink is not as water-resistant as its Dark Grey variety.

fountain pen sketch - Daytone havana brown and dark grey ink

Daily Market Scene

Brown fountain pen ink is not easy to find, especially here in India. Maybe Daytone’s are the only brown inks available in the market. Just to remind the esteemed readers, Daytone has other shades of brown too. So you have a wide choice of shades here, a fact you would enjoy more if you are an artist and sometimes use your fountain pen to draw and sketch. Havana Brown could be the preferred ink for sketching, especially if you have plans to use it combining with a few other shades like black and grey. Artists and illustrators would like it and a wash drawing using Daytone’s Havana Brown ink in a fountain pen along with a moist brush would be a very enticing prospect indeed!

ink and wash sketch

So, if you are artistically inclined, you would love Daytone’s “free-flowing, dye-based” Havana Brown ink. Daytone’s inks are available in quantities of one litre (two 500 ml bottles) or 15 bottles of assorted shades packed in a cardboard box.  The manufacturer is very prompt with shipping and you may not have to wait for long to receive the inks.

The only other Havana Brown fountain pen ink that I know of is Waterman’s Havana Brown. But Waterman’s Havana is a robust and dark brown. Do you know of other brands? Have you used brown inks for writing or sketching? Please use the Comments feature below to tell us about the brown ink you prefer.

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