Review: Daytone Dark Grey Fountain Pen Ink

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016

Review: Daytone Dark Grey Fountain Pen Ink

Yesterday I received from amazon.in two 500 ml bottles of Daytone Dark Grey ink. The ink is produced by The Daylight Industries, a company based in Indore. I haven’t heard of Daytone ink and I accidentally discovered it the other day while searching for fountain pen ink online. It seems to be a new venture, and I was pleasantly surprised because it is unimaginable that anyone these days would think of launching a new brand of fountain pen ink as a business venture!

daytone-dark-grey-ink-bottleA litre of dye-based Daytone Dark Grey ink came in two 500 ml plastic containers that have narrow nozzles at the mouth. It took me some effort to pierce it and it will be easy to fill eyedropper pens directly from the bottles. You just need to turn the bottle upside down and squeeze it a little and drop-by-drop it will fill your eyedropper fountain pen’s ink tank. You can, of course, pour some ink into a smaller bottle or an old glass inkpot. It would have been convenient for most buyers if the package contained an empty 60 ml ink bottle.


As I write this review, the ink flows nicely in my Doctor Deluxe fountain pen that I bought a year ago from ASA pens. I have noticed no clogging and the ink dries on paper pretty quickly. What disappoints me is the colour of the ink. It is by no means grey! It would be more appropriate to call it ‘blue black’ and, in fact, the colour reminds me of Chelpark’s Blue Black ink that I used for a long time in the 80’s and the 90’s. I would have liked the ink to have a blackish and perhaps brownish tint for I also plan to use this ink for ink and wash sketches and I needed a lighter shade of black or a darker shade of grey. So, if you are looking for a real grey ink, Daytone Dark Grey “free-flowing dye-based ink” will disappoint you. If I may, I would like to urge the manufacturer to keep it in mind and review the chemical composition of this ink for the next batch of ink they will produce so it is really grey!

ink drawing of bullock cart

My pen and wash sketch with Daytone Dark Grey Ink

I have used the ink on A4 size cartridge paper and have noticed no feathering. But it bleeds on very inexpensive paper. I have sketched with it and then used a moist brush to create shades and the ink is reasonably water-resistant. It would have been a good sketching ink had it been grey.

Sample of my writing with Daytone Dark Grey Ink

Sample of my writing with Daytone Dark Grey Ink

Daytone Dark Grey fountain pen ink is a fine writing ink and students and writers and anyone with a love of fountain pens and inks will like it. It will be preferred most by those users who are looking for a different colour of ink than the traditionally staid royal blue or black. Daytone Dark Grey ink is not an upstart in the domain of inks! It is not eye-catching but has a pleasing grace.


Daytone Dark Grey ink is manufactured by:

The Daylight Industries

A-2, Indira Square, Scheme-31

Near Sadhu Vaswani Nagar Garden

Indore – 452001

Phone: 9827061135

Email: [email protected]

Daytone Dark Grey ink is available on the date of publishing this post at amazon.in if you are prepared to order two 500 ml bottles. It costs Rs. 300 + Rs. 100 (shipping) = Rs. 400. The ink is also available in fifteen 60 ml bottles. You can also buy those small bottles in an assorted pack of 15 colours. Some buyers may prefer to buy fountain pen inks in smaller quantities, but there is no such option online as yet.


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